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The badger cull started in Avon in 2019 after running across the country for eight years. We are working to save our local badgers as the cull is returning this September.


Badgers killed in total in the cull


Badgers killed in 2020


Badgers killed in the Avon zones


Amount of badgers to be slaughtered in 2021

About Avon Against the Badger Cull

Avon Against the Badger Cull is a friendly group of local wildlife enthusiasts who meet regularly to prepare for national badger culls then monitor and peacefully and legally protest them when they take place.

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We had teams out day and night protecting the local badgers during the cull. We feel we put up a strong resistance and publicly showed we did not agree with the slaughter. We are also out sett surveying year round to locate where badgers are residing to make efforts in the cull more impactful.

The targets show they had to adjust the minimum target after the cull due to not reaching the proposed target which means our effects made a great impact.

Original minimum target: 1297, original maximum target: 1758.

Targets adjusted to minimum 962 and maximum 1306. Total badgers killed 1084.

Rest in peace to those beautiful creatures, we won't forget that number and it will keep us determined to stop the cull and protect those who survived the first year of the cull in Avon.


We again were out day and night protecting the original zone and a large new Avon zone (44). 

Across both zones devastatingly 2751 were killed in the areas surrounding Bristol. This was mainly from live shooting at night rather than cages so remains trickier for us to target. We hope to be out in force in 2021 with new tactics and equipment to fight against the mass murder.