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A small group of motivated people wanting to make a difference to our local badgers.


Avon Against the Badger Cull is a friendly group of local wildlife enthusiasts who meet regularly to prepare for national badger culls then monitor and peacefully and legally protest them when they take place.

The group was set up in 2014 but has only really become active under this name in 2017 during the build-up to the 2018 badger cull when a licence was applied for in Avon. The area was scoured by sett surveyors to locate and map all the areas badgers were living and potential threats nearby. In 2019 the cull officially started in Avon and all our efforts proved vital for fighting against the killing. 


The group consists of people who are spread out around  the Avon county and beyond with assistance from other groups locally. What unites us is the fact that we are all opposed to the badger cull and believe it to be unjust, unscientific and inhumane.

Some of our group have been involved with opposing the badger cull since 2012, others have been active animal rights campaigners for over twenty years. Since we are a friendly bunch, our beliefs unite us with other campaign groups throughout Britain and worldwide.


During last year’s badger cull period, like previous years our group worked with neighbouring counties every day and night to ensure the badgers where as safe as possible to the best of our abilities. This was and is done many ways.



  • Surveying areas for badger activity and badger setts  

  • Regular badger patrols around badger lands under threat 

  • Close surveillance of badger setts and monitoring to ensure culling is carried out legally and to the standard set by government 

  • Sharing badger cull activities and anything relevant such as the horrors of intensive farming to a large audience

  • Showing landowners, farmers and anyone who may sign up to the badger cull that there is a large amount of opposition to culling wildlife and there are better alternatives

  • Documenting and reporting illegal wildlife crimes to the police

We are open to everyone. In order to be a welcoming group, anyone who would make others feel unwelcome by holding racist, or other discriminatory views, is asked not to get involved. 

The old Avon county area is now divided into 4 unitary authorities which are Bristol, South Gloucestershire North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset. 

We do not cover the entirety of these areas, however get in touch if you are unsure and we can direct you to your local badger group.  

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